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One strategy is collaboration. It is the basis of success on a platform like YouTube. The biggest YouTubers and successful brands use collaboration in their YouTube marketing campaigns. In the digital world, it is not a barrier for the brand but quite the opposite. It's a win-win. Children love playing on playground equipment - didn't you when you were younger?

Thinking contrary to this can hurt your channel or brand. We will talk about collaboration later. Right now, we will explore how your channel can target videos to a larger audience. All you have to do is indicate the YouTube algorithm about your audience. A local park can be dramatically improved by adding monkey bars from a reputable supplier.

For this, you must make a good selection of keywords both in the title, in the description, and the tags. Know appropriate keywords for the target audience to which you want to direct your video. The keywords of your niche are common words. You can expand that number of keywords by researching tools that will provide other keywords that are also searched by the users you want to target. For this research, we will use two tools, one from Google and the other from YouTube. Play hard with outdoor fitness equipment designed for both children and adults.

With Google AdWords, an external tool helps us find the number of searches a specific keyword has. If we see that it has a good number of searches, we can add it as a keyword in our dictionary. The YouTube keyword tool will provide us with the most popular words on YouTube. They will also be added to our keyword collection. Both tools are studied in a previous post as tools for choosing keywords on YouTube. You also have other tools provided by Google to find future trends in keywords of your sector or niche. Google Trends will indicate the results of searches carried out for the keywords you give it to study over the past years. It will mark you a trend line for future dates.

You can see a study on trends and how you can take advantage of it. With this research, you compose a video title. This action can be performed while a video is being uploaded to your YouTube channel. In the description, try adding a compound phrase formed with the keywords of your niche. The articles and prepositions are not important. They do not position. They help to form the phrase, but they are not picked up by the YouTube algorithm. You can add a URL to your website. With this link, the users to whom the video appears can visit it.

If you are a YouTube partner, you can add this URL on the same video playback screen as a link to the associated website. You can go to the main page or a specific page within that associated URL. The description must include the appropriate keywords separated by commas. The more we add, the better we can write simple words or words made up of two or three but with a limit of up to 15.Similar words will appear under the label drawer. You can add them but only the ones closest to your niche.